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About the DMV STGT

Vehicles & Classes

At the start are powerful vehicles from around 300 hp with a power-to-weight ratio of up to 3.69 kg (such as M2, TCR, GT4) up to the Porsche Cup, GT3, Ferrari EVO, Lambo ST, Lotus GT2/GTE (examples) in 5 performance Classes:

GTM Cup LG from 3.4 to 4.5 kg/hp

GTS 4 LG 3.0 to 3.39 kg/hp

GTS 3 LG 2.6 to 2.99 kg/hp

GTS 2 LG 2.22 to 2.59 kg/hp

GTS 1 LG up to 2.21 kg/hp


» Nat. A from 3,3 kg/HP
» Int. D from 3,0 kg/HP
» Int. C from 2,0 kg/HP


Sufficient driving time is available on the five race weekends. The participants can unwind a total of almost three hours driving time on one weekend.

On Friday there are optional 2x30 minutes of test time in the program, on Saturday 30 minutes of free practice and 20 minutes of qualifying.

The two 30-minute races will start on Sunday. 


The starting cost is from 1250.00 net € plus VAT. while pit garage places from €220.00 net plus VAT. can be booked at the events.

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